The City Kitch West End

City Kitch West End

2200 Thrift Road, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28208

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Monday to Sunday 12:00 AM — 11:59 PM

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Crav'n Caribbean

Dedicated space

Prep Station 2

Private Prep Suite 1

Private Prep Suite 2

Private Prep Suite 3

Private Prep Suite 4

Private Prep Suite 5

Private Prep Suite 6

Private Prep Suite 7

Private Prep Suite 8


Private Prep Suite 9

Non- Hooded suite

Private Prep Suite 10

Private Prep Suite 11

Prep Station 3

Prep Station 5

Prep Station 4

Prep Station 6

Prep Station 7

Prep Station 8

Prep Station 9

Prep Station 10

Chef's Table


The Shoppe

Retail Space


Nu Vu Smoker

The Smoker is one of the more popular pieces of equipment on the hot-line. Please be sure you reserve your time in the smoker well in advance. It takes a while to use and, if…

Blast Chiller



Combi Oven

Convection Oven 1

Convection Oven 2

Convection Oven 3

Convection Oven 4

Flattop Grill

Tilt Skillet

Six Burner Range

Four Burner w/ Flattop

Five Burner

Convection Oven 5

Convection Oven 6

Prep Station 11

Combi Oven 2

Combi Oven 3

Meshugganah Deli

Assembly Area 1

Assembly Area 2


2200 Thrift Road, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28208
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